7th Sea Dice Roller + Combat Phase Manager


This is a dice roller and combat phase manager for 7th Sea, translated from the original Korean. To use, open an mIRC client and load the script file into the Remote Scripts window. (Alt+R) The free version of mIRC seems to lose features as its trial period passes, so you might want to try uninstalling and re-downloading the program if the script does not work properly. (If you use mIRC a lot I think paying for a license is a very sound investment, personally.)

Use this mIRC client, with the script loaded, as a dicebot only. Connect to a server and enter a channel with a nick like “Dice” or “Dicebot” or something, then leave it alone. You don’t need to type anything from this client, you don’t even need to return to the window unless you want to load and unload scripts.

Then connect with another client (either a new mIRC window or a different IRC-compatible client) with a different nickname and to the same channel. This way you will be recognized as a distinct entity from the dicebot and will be able to roll the dice yourself. If your “real” persona, the one that’s not a dicebot, is also an mIRC client, check to see if the script file isn’t loaded to this client as well. If it is, unload it. Otherwise anyone other than you who tries to roll the dice will get double results from both you and the dicebot.

It might not make sense right now, but you’ll see what I mean with some trial and error. 🙂

Here’s a rundown of the dice roller/phase manager’s capabilities. All commands are case insensitive.

1. Rolling the dice

From a non-dicebot client, type something like


to signal that you’d like to roll 4 d10’s and keep the 2 highest. The dicebot will give a result something like:

Loki’s roll is 4d10(10+5,4,10+8,5) , the highest 2 dice are 2d10(18+15) = 33.

It handles exploding dice automatically, including dice exploding many times in a row.

If you roll and keep the same number of dice, you can simply type something like


To handle non-exploding dice, put an exclamation point somewhere in the dice-rolling text. Something like:




and so on.

If you accidentally say that you’ll keep more dice than you roll, the roll will be modified so that you keep all the dice you roll. So a 2k4 is the same thing as 2k2, or 2k.

To add modifiers, just put a space between the roll and the modifier, like so:

4k3 + 5


2k! -5

2. PC Initiative rolls

Initiative rolls are handled in the following format:

Ini N


Initiative N

Where N equals your Panache. So if my swordsman has a Panache of 3, for my initiative I would type

Ini 3

The dicebot will tell me which phases I will act, and stores those values. This only becomes really useful in conjunction with the phase management features, which follow.

3. Phase management (GM only)

To manage combat phases you must be recognized as a GM by the script. Doing this is really simple. Just type:


(Yes, you have to trust your players not to be complete jerkoffs and keep taking your GM’s crown away. Tough, eh?)

If you want to know who the GM for this channel is, type:


To roll initiaves for NPCs, the following format is used.

Ini N NPC’s Name

Where N equals the NPC’s Panache and the NPC’s Name can be as many words as you like. Giovanni Villanova, Intelligence-Challenged Brutes, etc. You can also roll initiatives for as many NPCs as you like.

Once all the initiative rolls are in place, just type


and the dicebot will respond with something like

Phase 6, acting character(s): Brute Squad(15),Inigo_Montoya(6).

The numbers in parentheses are the sum of the characters’ remaining initiative dice, and so shows the order they act within the Phase. Each time the GM types “phase” the dicebot will automatically increment the phase number, telling you which characters act this phase. Once a Round is over the script will tell you so and all initiative rolls will be erased. (If you reroll initiative before a Round is over the previous initiative results will be overwritten, so be careful.)

To run to the end of the Round without seeing the rest of the phases in this Round (for instance, if everyone’s last acting phase was Phase 4), just type


And the current Round will be over immediately.

Once combat is done the dicebot needs some way to know it. Type

End Combat

And all Phases and Rounds will be initialized. Else the script has no way of knowing the combat is done with and both Phases and Rounds continue for your next fight, so don’t blame me. 😛

Enjoy, and please tell me if there are any bugs or problems.

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